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The goal is to the help the organization and its network to have the tools and training to plan for any event(s) to ensure business-continuity.

How We Work

GTA-EMCI will do a complete analysis of company's current emergency plans and make recommendations on how to align with Incident Management Systems (IMS) standards and best practices.


To adapt and expand upon the current emergency plan so it can be effective in all incidents, large (e.g., pandemics) and small (e.g., staffing/volunteer shortages), align with Emergency Management Ontario and be adopted and implemented throughout the entire organization (local, regional and provincial).


The goal is to the help the organization and its network to have the tools to respond to any events to ensure business-continuity.

Business Plan

Incident Management System Training (IMS)

  1. Learn Provincially standardized Incident Management System (IMS)

  • Most efficient and effective way to manage any incident (large or small)

  • Learn Level 100 

  • Learn Level 200

  • Learn EOC 

2.   Align your Emergency Preparedness Plan with          the Provincial IMS model

3.   Emergency kits 

4.   Practice using a variety of exercises, and drills

5.   Annual Update of Emergency Preparedness Plan

6.   Orientation and onboarding training plans for new staff

Emergency Preparedness Plan (EPP)

Emergency Preparedness Plan is used as required for operational issues and emergencies

It can be used for:

  • Excessive staff absence

  • Small or large events

  • Loss of IT systems

  • Power outages (short or long)

  • Evacuations

  • Fires


Is operationalized:

  • Identifies hazards and risks

  • Creates opportunities to prevent and/or mitigate issues

  • Incorporated into Onboarding and Training of new staff

Sustainable by:

  • Practice, practice, practice

  • A variety of Exercises and Drills

  • Annual review and version control

  • Updating Toolbox Resource Section

Emergency Operations Centre Training (EOC)

The Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) supports the work of the senior leadership of an organization.

The EOC is an off-site support to a site-specific event/incident. This support usually includes the provision of strategic direction, guidance and resources.

The EOC focus is on what needs to be done, and who has the expertise/knowledge and authority to carry out required tasks.

Multi-Year Exercise Planning

A building block approach

Discussion Based
Operations Based

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