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Basic Emergency Management planning covers the four pillars of Emergency Management., Planning/Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. 

If your organization is not taking each of these pillars seriously it may seriously deter your company in the Recover phase, therefore slowing you getting back to your normal business flow.

We can help with Emergency Plans, Response Plans, Fire Plans, Pandemic Plans, Business Continuity Plans to mitigate your risk prior to the event taking place.  We can also assist you with recommendations for the response that will speed the recovery.  An Afer Action Report can assist in making appropriate recommendations to correct any substantial issues.



Incident Management System Training is comprised of 3 modules:

Basic Emergency Management Course (BEM)

IMS 100 Introduction

IMS 200 Basic

IMS 300 Advanced

Exercise Training

Incident Commander Training

After Action Reports


IMS Training can be customized to your specific industry.



Emergency Operations Centre Training is designed for strategic leadership ​in an emergency event. If Senior Management is uncertain of their key responsibilities they can overreach and/or burn out causing serious strain to crisis response.  T

To train each member to maintain strict discipline within the EOC, while collecting all the pertinent documentation, disseminating the right, correct and calming information internally and externally.

Incident Management Training for an EOC operation can stabilize your organization and reduce your risk and potential liability



We can customize exercises to your industry-specific needs for the most efficient training for your organization.


An Emergency Plan that you do not test with vigour can render the plan redundant very quickly.


Exercise training can help reduce your organization's risk and reduce liability. Your organization changes quickly with staff turnover or organizational change. A plan requires constant updating and testing.



“I would like to thank your oganization for the opportunity of providing the IMS Train the Trainer Program to our representatives. Your time and dedication to the training and education process are very much recognized and appreciated.”

Helen Zulys, Consultant