Exercise to succeed, we at GTA Emergency Management Inc. have over 100 combined years of proven operational success.  We are able to customize your exercise to your industry specific needs.  Our experience has shown us how to develop exercises for the most cost effective training for you.  We can develop simple "table top" exercises to very complex "large scale" exercises to test your emergency plans, corporate resilience and response abilities to any incident you wish.

Disaster Preparedness Drills


A disaster drill is an exercise in which people simulate the circumstances of a disaster so that they have an opportunity to practice their responses. Disaster drills can range from earthquake drills in schools to multi-day exercises which may span across entire communities, including detailed simulations and a chance to work with the same equipment which would be utilized in a disaster. Such drills are used to identify weak points in a disaster response plan, and to get people familiar with the steps they need to take so that their response in a disaster will be automatic.


Disasters are unpredictable by nature, and this can make them difficult when it comes to preparation. Sometimes communities get advance warning, as in the case of some disasters caused by severe weather, while in other cases, disaster can strike in an instant in the form of an earthquake or a severe fire. If people do not practice their responses, they will usually not be prepared when disaster does happen; while a disaster drill may not anticipate every potential scenario, it gives people an idea of how to behave during a disaster.

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