Bruce England


Bruce England, retired from the Toronto Emergency Medical Service as a Superintendent. He is the recipient of The Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, Ontario Council for Community Service and the Ontario Exemplary Service medal for over 30 years of service. Bruce has spent over 38 years in Toronto’s Emergency Medical Service fulfilling many roles including a secondment to local law enforcement Emergency Planning Unit and the City of Toronto’s Office of Emergency Management.

In 1998, in cooperation with Warren Leonard (Toronto Police) and Bob Crawford (Toronto Fire), developed the first Incident Management System model for the City of Toronto’s Emergency Services. Since the start of the IMS program, Bruce has developed IMS programs for the Toronto District Health Council (White paper titled “Recommendations for Improved Emergency / Response Coordination in Toronto’s Health Sector”), Toronto Public Health and the Ontario Hospital Association, Bruce has extensive experience in teaching Emergency Management programs to the City Agencies, Boards & Commissions along with Emergency Service Staff.

During the millennium New Year period, Bruce was the lead for the Health Sector in the development and implementation of the operational emergency plans. Another example of Bruce’s ability to deliver and manage resources is his over 20 years’ experience managing the pre-hospital care at the Toronto Molson Indy starting in 1986. His plans for integrations of health sector and emergency response have been used as the template for international race events around the world.

After 2005. Bruce spent several years working in the Cities’ Office of Emergency Management, and Emergency Operations Centre. Bruce was also tasked with coordinating the broader health care sector and the vulnerable populations with the GTA. During this time, Bruce has had extensive experience in developing and testing exercises for a wide range of stakeholders. Bruce has also reviewed and supported several organizations in developing their own emergency plans.

Bruce has also acted as Incident Site manager, along with many roles within the Emergency Operations Centre during major events, for example; Sunrise Propane Explosion, 200 Wellesley Street Fire and the Toronto G20 Summit. Bruce has learned firsthand the human price which can be paid by both citizens’ and responders alike, when life safety resources are managed without proper due-diligence.

Bruce’s most recent work has supported key clients including the Ontario Critical Incident Advisory Council, and the Canadian Critical Stress Foundations in reviewing and assisting their policy and procedures, with recommendations for best practices. Bruce has also worked and trained staff at Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation in their development and implementation of their emergency plans and staff training across Ontario.

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